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Making radiomap

radiomap has had a historical development over different stages since 1997. It was a reflective, collaborative practice involving the help of Björn Barnekow in the beginning and Stephan Huber for the current version with all bells & whistles.

Step one: the (rough) concept

As i developed it in my digital media education and my commercial work, i start of with writing a text and making sketches (more text than sketches, i must admit); Firstly, to become clear of the idea myself and make it more explicit, developing options and avoiding logical pitfalls; secondly, to have something to hand over to collaborators and to document the process. This is the first concept paper.


Diagrams are necessary to understand and visualise the single modules and how they relate to one another.


The technical setup includes a video camera, a large mirror, two computers - and a large space ...

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