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Art and Design research methods and methodologies

At the moment I am looking at books on art and design research methods and methodologies. Investigating methods has become not too difficult as there are a whole range of books available now. They cover design methods for the process of innovation/creation ("IDEO method cards), theoretical background (basics), guidelines for the design process but also include research methods ('cultural probes, critical design') - and the process of evaluation with qualitative methods often adopted from the social sciences. I think the latter overlap in practice as often there are multiple iterations and the process of evaluation results in insights to improve the design. Methodologies are not that easy to come by.

What is a methodology? A framework of principles, procedures and methods who's thoughtful selection has been informed by relevant theory or philosophy (epistemology, ontology) - to form a critical, reflective and analytical body of knowledge itself.

This list is not-really-up-to-date and from 2002. Long outdated but still interesting. On top of my list are now Martin Buber, Bergson, Teilhard de Chardin, Jean Gebser, Martin Heidegger, Alexander von Humboldt, Hugo Kükelhaus. Art theory: Nelson Goodman, John Berger.

Interaction and Experience Design

Bergman, Eric (2000), Information Appliances and Beyond
Crawford, Chris (2000), Understanding Interactivity
Nardi, Bonnie A. (2001), Information Ecologies: Using Technology With Hearth
Nardi, Bonnie A. (1995), Context and Consciousness: Activity Theory and Human-Computer Interaction,
Norman, Donald A (1999), The Invisible Computer, MIT Press
Preece, Rogers, Sharp, Preece, (2002), Interaction Design
Shedroff, Nathan (2001), Experience Design

Human Factors

Ackerman, Diane (1991), A Natural History of the Senses,
Csikzentimihalyi, Mihaly (1990), Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, New York: Harper Perennial
Dumas, Joseph S., Redish, Janice C. (1993), A Practical Guide to Usability Testing
Frank, W., Petruschat, J., Bruttel, T., (2001), Wohin mit den Händen
Hoffman, Donald D. (2000), Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See
Jonsson, Erik (2002), Inner Navigation: Why We Get Lost in the World and How we Find Our Way,
Schank, Roger C. (1995), Tell Me a Story: Narrative and Intelligence
Turkle, Sherry (1997), Life on the Screen

Human Computer Interface Design

Baumann, T., Thomas B. (2001), User Interface Design for Electronic Appliances
Bellantoni, S., Woolmann, B. (1999), Type in Motion : Innovations in Digital Graphics, New York: Rizzoli
Cooper, Alan (1995), About Face: The Essentials About User Interface Design
Krug, S., Black, R. 2000, Don't Make Me Think
Laurel, Brenda (1990), Art of Human-Computer Interface Design
Laurel, Brenda (1993), Computer as Theater,
Raskin, Jef (2000), The Human Interface
Winograd, Terry (1996), Bringing Design to Software

Information Design and Architecture

Card, Stuart a.o., (1999), Readings in Information Visualisation: Using Vision to Think
Jacobson, Robert (1999), Information Design,
McCloud, Scott (1994), Understanding Comics
Tufte, Edward (2000), Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
Ware, Colin (2000), Information Visualization: Perception for Design
Wurman, Richard Saul (1997), Information Architects

Media Theory

Bonsiepe, Gui (1996), Interface Design neu begreifen, Mannheim
Bush, Vanevar (1945), How We May Think,
Johnson, Steven (1999), Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms the Way We Create and Communicate
McLuhan, Marshall (1964), Understanding Media
Nelson, Ted (), Computer Lib
Postman, Neil (1999), Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century, New York: Vintage Books

Ubiquitous Computing

Gershenfeld, Neil (1999), When things start to think
Hallnäs, L., Redström, J. (2001), Slow Technology - Designing for Reflection, Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing,

Game Design

Andrew Flugelman (2000), Neue Spiele Band 1+2,


Alexander, Christopher (1979), The Timeless Way of Building
Bachelard, Gaston (1985), Die Poetik des Raums, Hanser Verlag
Brand, Steward (1994), How Buildings learn: What Happens After They're Built, UK Orion Books
Junichiro, Tanizaki (), In Praise of Shadow
Rudofsky, Bernard. (1969). Streets for People . New York: Anchor Press


Chatwin, Bruce (1987): The Songlines, London
Gladwin, Thomas (1970), East as a big Bird, Cambridge, Mass.
Yates, Frances (1972), The Art of Memory, London

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