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"Vom Verschwinden der Ferne" Telekommunikation und Kunst.
Weibel, Peter, Decker, Edith,
Du Mont, Köln, 1990
Paperback, pages 360
ISBN: 3770127250

A collection of different essays by a number of researchers. Containing mostly theoretical and historical views on technology.

Peter Weibels characteristic terms and topics of telematic art since the 60ies

Peter Weibels' describes it as the third phase, after phase one comprising Suprematism and Futurism and phase two, the neo avantgarde:

1. Simultaneity

A rising awareness of the simultaneity of all actions in the world as a result of the destruction of distance and duration and global networking.

2. Ubiquity

3. Global consciousness

Our globe has shrunk through the technical extension of our sense organs, the evanescence of distance and space and global, immaterial networks. The globe has shrunk ... Many artists work with these metaphors as McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, Malewitsch and others did.

4. Orbital Consciousness

Satellite art, Ingo Günther, the view from above

5. Free scaling

Micro & macro exist beside each other (flash.swf), proportions change

6. Infinity

Just as much as distance and space collapse there is an urge for the infinite and endlessness. Brancusi's "endless column" and others.

7. Immaterially

8. Verbalisation, semiotisation

9. Acceleration of time

10. Temporality of space

11. Timeforms of images

Aesthetics of temporary images, aesthetics of evanescence

12. acoustic art

13. Dislocation, Displacement

14. Scanning

15. Cleavage, abolition of identity

16. Communication and information systems

Slow-scan, mail art, fax art, the artist sends messages, shapes them, irritates systems provokes them and critically challenges them.

17. Virtual worlds

18. Destruction of the body

19. Energetic forms of art

20. Travelling

Imaginary, global, virtual

21. Resistance's against the before mentioned categories.

Focussing on the body, real-time, slowness, etc. Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy

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