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Software takes Command, or LIfe After Effects
Lev, Manovich
Creative Commons, Web, 02008
289 pages

“[A]dding” software to culture changes the identity of everything which a culture is made from."

This book is different. Manovich published it on the Internet and made it available under a Creative Commons license. Its described as a 'draft' and edited continually. Manovich encourages readers feedback and comments and probably will include those into the book. People are also asked to submit their own designs of the cover.

Why has Manovich written this book? He writes: "Software is permeating our culture, all businesses, transactions, shopping, logistics and finance. Software is running our culture."
His genre is 'moving image culture' and this is the topic the book focusses on - however, as our entire culture is now run by software, invisible processes and transactions that no one really fully comprehends, it also includes the current main trend of Web 2.0 and Social Software, mashups, feeds & API's. The book is about 'moving image culture' and how it is being radically transformed by hard- and mostly software."

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