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Art Telecommunication
Heidi Grundmann (ed.)
Vancouver: Western Front Publication;
Wien: Blix, 1984.
ISBN 0 920974 08 2
140 pages

Heidi Grundmann is based in Vienna, Austria and has worked as a journalist, curator and publisher involved in the media art world since the 1960ies.
Once a week her show KUNSTRADIO is aired on the national Austrian radio Ö1.

A interview with Heidi:

Heidi is the editor of this collection of texts in German, English and French by Eric Gidney, Roy Ascott, Tom Sherman, Robert Adrian X. Mostly these texts are about electronic art such as slowscan, ham radio etc., but it also includes a seminal text by Roy Ascott concerning the theoretical implications and observations of his global, collaborative, interconnected, multi-user "performance" "La Plissure du texte," consisting of asynchronous storytelling by multiple participants from time zone to time zone via tele facsimile.

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