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As the title says, things that don't fit in another category.

OSX of the Long Now

The OS X of the long now

If you like Stewart Brand's idea of the clock of the long now, the 10k concept clock, here are some instructions how to teach your Mac running under OS X Tiger to display the system time (e.g. in Mail) as 02005 instead of just 2005.

Ham & Eggs

Ham & Eggs

An uncritical long term excursion into ritual and continuity.

It must have been in the late eigthies when i read the newspaper story of a shopowner in Brooklyn that had taken a picture of the street across his shop every morning continuously for some decades. This article was truly fascinating, as the author described how, after the first shock of endless boredom, he would suddenly start to see change and rhythm in the pictures. How the seasons changed and as the picture was taken at the same time of the day it often captured the same pedestrians - over decades. Therefor one could see children growing up, car styles and fashions change etc. Unfortunately i had to get rid of the article (and many others, well, actually many, many others, in fact 40 cardboard boxes) as i removed myself and my possessions to the United Kingdom.

Paul Auster later wrote a story about this insistent documenter of change. I forgot how it is called. The film made from the book is either "smoke" or "blue in the face".

I wonder what becomes visible after a while in Ham & Eggs.



A series of images taken of the planet venus. As they have been taken with a 2.1 Mpixel Camera there was nothing else to expect but failure. But an interesting one ...
The image on the left is a magnification of the best shot, the one on the right is rendered by Starry Night Pro.

About the LIne

What is a line?

Thoughts and explorations towards the subject "line". What is a line? Starting off, as usual with the Britannica - an idiosyncratic analysis of the subject follows: The free line vs. the straight line. Modulated lines, the mother of all lines, etc.

Global Capitals Underground

Global Capitals Underground

Haven't you ever dreamt of taking the Underground from NYCs Spring Street via Piccadilly Circus making a stopover at the Louvre? Well, now these imaginary travels are possible. And you may even create your own. Including Berlin and Tokyo.

Your Private Sky

Your Private Sky - Buckminster Fuller Exhibition

In November 2000, after an extensive time of preparation, the groundbreaking exhibition "Your Private Sky" had one of its first stations at the former Bauhaus building in Dessau near Berlin. At the same time the two books of the same title were published by Claude Lichtenstein und Joachim Krausse. Both are edited very carefuly and are beautiful introductions into the works and philosophy of Fuller. They also contain some of his more cryptic essays like "Nine Chains to the Moon" and "The phantom captain". The images show mostly Tensegrities as the graphics are depicted in the books. One graphic is shown here which is very early and symbolic.

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