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This is just a very small selection of projects that I particularly enjoyed making. There have been more but I haven't updated them yet. There also are some projects to be found under "Vagaries."


Bjoern Barnekow and me tried this: activities (noise, motion (People) and computer/network (Bits)) in our classroom are triggered and converted into an installation of light and sound, that could be perceived in our hallway as well as on the web. You may learn to interpret these signals.

Imagearchive VRML


A VRML 2.0 Navigational Metaphor for the city.scope image archive: QTVRs, Panorama images of 180° and 360° of Berlin.

interface to go ...

Work in progress
Bjoern and me are working on an interactive typography project, involving bitmap-tracking, a video-projector ...

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