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A selection of the conferences I have been to during my research. I haven't presented at all of them and this list is not complete either. I also attended quite a number of events on Ph.D. methods & methodologies in Art, Design and Architecture in Britain and abroad.

American Society for Cybernetics 2013 conference at the University of Bolton from 28. July - 3rd August 2013.

A 7-day conference on the theme 'acting - learning - understanding'. Some messy notes.

American Society for Cybernetics 2012 conference jointly held with the Bateson Idea Group in Asilomar, CA from 9-13 July 2012.

A 4-day conference on the theme 'an ecology of ideas'. Some messy notes.

Practice Based Research in Art & Design Conference, Bauhaus-University Weimar, 1-3rd December, 2011

A three day conference organised by doctoral students about Ph.D. in Art & Design full of lectures, workshops, case studies and presentations.

American Society for Cybernetics conference, 9-15th August, 2011, Richmond, IN

A 7-day conference on around the theme of 'listening'. The first two days were for members, the main conference lasted three days, followed by two days of seminars.

Making visible the invisible: Art, Design and Science in data visualisation, March 11-12th, 2011

A two-day interdisciplinary conference joining art, design and sciences to discuss collaboration and interdisciplinarity around the visualisation of data. A subtext is the debates around climate change, sustainability and ecological literacy.

Consciousness Reframed 08: art and consciousness in the post-biological era, Plymouth

The 8th International Research Conference took place at the University of Plymouth in Devon, UK from 21-23 July 02006 and was convened and directed by Roy Ascott. Three intense days filled with presentations, discussions and interesting conversations all around art & consciousness.

RGU Summer School 02005, Aberdeen

at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. the annual Art & Design research student summer school organised by Carol Gray and Julian Malins. Not really a conference but an intense week full of workshops, discussions, presentations on methods and methodologies, writing, rigour, sex and madness. All very helpful for practice-based Ph.D. research in Art and Design.

Creative VR Futures, Salford

a two day symposium taking place as part of the Futuresonic Festival, Manchester at the University of Salford. Full of interesting presentations, discussions and exciting projects.

Space: Planetary Consciousness and the Arts, Yverdon-les-Bains, CH

The 9th Workshop and Symposium on Space and the Arts happened between May 19 til' 21, 2005 at the Château d'Yverdon (where Pestalozzi lived for 20 years) in the beautiful town of Yverdon-les-Bains at Neuenburgersee in Switzerland.

Space, Spatiality and Technology, Edinburgh

The venue was the Merchiston campus of Napier University, just beside the tower where John Napier, inventor of the "Napierian Logarithm", was born. It took place between Sunday, December 12th and Tuesday 14th 2004 and started with the doctoral consortium.

No one opens attachements any more, Lancaster

I great, small two-day conference at Lancaster University with "tekky" Artists and "arty" computer people. A historical event. IMHO. Gave a paper that was totally stript of context & introduction. And it still worked. I think.

ACM Multimedia 2004, NYC

Columbia University. As my exhibition is running parallel i probably will not see much of the conference. Mhh, there is a workshop on "experiential qualities", though ...

SIG MM 2004

BHCI 2004, Leeds

This year in Leeds. Great venue and very good conference. I haven't had a chance to organise my notes & images until now.

DIS "Designing Interactive Systems" 2004, Cambridge MA

Kickoff with a one-day doctoral consortium chaired by Peter Wright, David Benyan, Lars Erik Holmquist and Jodi Forlizzi. An afternoon at the MIT Media Lab and a visit at a number of companies near the venue as INVIVIA, Small Design Firm, Ambient Technologies and others.

DIS 2004

MIRIAD SYMPOSIUM, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester


Making Knowledge? The relationship between practice and research in craft and design

MIRIAD Symposium

Pixelraiders2, conference, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

From April 6th - 8th the second Pixelraiders conference took place in Sheffield. It was an excellent event, packed with exciting people with projects and presentations from very diverse backgrounds as textiles design to Casey Reas' proce55ing workshop.


transmediale.04, Haus der Kulturen, Berlin

From the 28th of January to the 3rd of February 2004 I attended the transmediale.04 conference in Berlin.

The transmediale conference is also a festival and among the biggest media art events in Germany.
There was a schedule of more then 100 events in those few days; some of them still lasting on when i had to leave.


HCI 2003, University of Bath, Bath

From the 8th till the 12th of September 2003 i attended the annual HCI Conference organised by
members of the British HCI Group (of which i am a member) and the University of Bath.
The motto of the event was "Designing for Society".

HCI 2003

User_Mode Symposium, Tate Modern, London

The Subject of the Symposium was Computers, Emotion, Senses (touch, smell etc,) and Experiential Qualities.
There was nothing really new or sensational to discover, but presentations of current works and theories
of the people that are trendy right now:
Lev Manovich, Joshua Davies, Golan Levin the usual suspects - and yet a few unusual,
as well as some tips concerning books, URLs and contacts.
You might want to take a look yourself on the pages of the tate modern.


Digital Surface Conference, Tate Britain, London

- Approaches to current research in contemporary art practice

Tate Britain hosted the conference "digital surface - approaches to current research in contemporary art practice" from 27th-28th of June 2003, organised by Paul Coldwell.

Digital Surface
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