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DRHA 2010, Sensual Technologies: Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinarity

This year's Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts conference was of a large scale with three presentational tracks running parallel over three days and locally organised by Franziska Schroeder, Johannes Birringer, Sue Broadhurst, Laura Ashley, Stelarc and others. Thanks to all their efforts it was a wonderful event.
Of course this review is entirely subjective and riddled with misconceptions. We all practically missed 75% of the entire conference as we could only attend one of three tracks running parallel.

Day 1, 02010/09/05

The conference began on Sunday afternoon with a keynote by Thekla Schiphorst.

Day 2, 02010/09/06

Day 3, 02010/09/07

Openning keynote by Richard Coyne presenting his new book on the important concept of 'tuning', (which also could be seen as a design method). Very stimulating.

I think there is something missing in Richard's framework, its not complete and only looking at one side of the tuning. The whole dimension of how our objects tune us does not receive significant attention. And that its a construction. They tune us - while we tune them.

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