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Consciousness Reframed 08: art and consciousness in the post-biological era

The 8th International Research Conference took place at the University of Plymouth in Devon, UK from 21-23 July 02006 and was convened and directed by Roy Ascott. Three intense days filled with exhilarating presentations, discussions and interesting conversations.

As there were allways two tracks running at the same time I saw less then 50% of all presentations. Here is a short overview of the one's that I attended. 02007 there will be no Consciousness Reframed conference.

Day one, 02006/07/21

I have been busy until now ... now i have the time, but my notes from the conference are stowed away in a repository. mmhh

Day two, 02006/07/22


Day three, 02006/07/23


Books mentioned ...
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