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Interactive Spaces & Environments

Interactive environments are spaces where the interactive media determine the space and its behaviour. For example, Interactive floors and walls, allow the immersive and reactive change of the space according to the visitors behaviours. Such interactive spaces are usually multiple user environments where varying numbers of visitors may have shared experiences. Visitors should achieve equal grades of interactions with other visitors as well as experiencing the content.

Instrumental: Bits'n People, (1999)

The authors own conceptual work “Bits'n people” transforms real world actions (sound/movement) as well as online actions (TCP/IP, AppleTalk) within the classroom and network of the "Digital Media Class" of the University of the Arts, Berlin onto two virtual representation of the class, an audio-visual installation piece and their website.

Experiential: VNS

“Very Nervous System” by David Rokeby transforms body motion and gestures into sounds or music. Two video cameras track the motions of the body and a computer produces the according sounds. Rokeby has experimented with this system for more than a decade and has created multiple iterations. Also simple in its approach the results are deeply impressive for any participant and perceived as very immersive and engaging.

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