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Classification of media arts installations

This is more of a call for discussion then a final statement. The schema as has been inspired by Frank Poppers "classification of kinetic art" in "Kinetic Art" p. 251 which you can see below. It is possible to classify all kinds of media art processes from "Plissure du Texte" to radiomap. Although "Plissure ..." was more of an communication event ... taking place asynchronously in different galleries in different time zones.

Paul Sermon's "Telematic Vision" as an example.


You may find a short video-clip and further explanation of its function here:

Frank Popper's original 1968 "Classification of kinetic art"

Another approach of classifiying media art on a technical layer after their properties of : "Immersive scale, dark space, light space, internal room, external space, audio content, physical objects, projected content, screen content, 2d content, individual experience, group experience, touch, virtual reality, image capture, movement/sensors, computer generative, remote elements, mobile technologies, internet, other" is taken by

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