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Screenbased Applications

Screen based applications engage users into an interactive dialog with the information by a screen or a mobile device. The one-to-one dialog of each user with the application is dominant here. Often these screen based applications are positioned to be used before or after an exhibition. e.g. at a learning centre on location or via Internet/Cd-Rom/DVD at home. Furthermore there are mobile screen based devices such as handhelds, which function as navigation- and information-assistants within an exhibition. In some cases screen based devices might be found in the exhibition itself yet only if there is a clear relation between the device and the concerned showpiece or artefact.

Instrumental: ATM

An automatic teller machine has to be accessible for anyone. Its experiential qualities are very limited as its purpose is well defined as performing different transactions with ones bank account. Usability, practicality and functionality have key priority in its operation.

Experiential: ”Your In Control (Urine Control)”

A urinal is used to play a computer game. A stream of urine is used as an interaction device. Sensors embedded in the back of a urinal locate the position and pressure of the jet, and the signal is processed through the computer onto the screen. A playful and engaging physical body experience for the participants.

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