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International Advisory Board

We have contacted distinguished colleagues from art, design and sciences to assist us with advice and recommendations for this interdisciplinary event to become a success.
The advisory board will advise on the scope of the call-for-papers and help select from the submitted abstracts and letters of intent.

Ralph Ammer, de
Simon Biggs, uk
Davide Bocelli, it
Emil Bjerrum-Bohr, dk
Stephen Boyd-Davis, uk
Cezanne Charles, us
Rosan Chow, de
Dave Clements, uk
Joe Faith, uk
Malcolm Ferris, uk
Monika Fleischmann, de
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, uk
Ranulph Glanville, uk
Derek Hales, uk
Usman Haque, uk
Michael Hohl, uk/de
Terry Irwin, us
Natalie Jeremijenko, us
Mark Johnson, uk
Sarah Kettley, uk
Robert Kosara, us/at
Ted Krueger, us

Linda Lauro-Lazin, us
Manuel Lima, uk
Daria Loi, us/au/it
Roger Malina, us
John Marshall, us
Andrew Vande Moere, be/au
Ralf Nuhn, fr/uk
Andrea Polli, us
Alexander Rose, us
Thecla Schiphorst, ca
Daniel Serig, us
Jill Scott, ch/au
Max Shtein, us
Gavin Starks, uk
Wolfgang Strauss, de
Mark Tribe, us
Roberto Trotta, uk
Rim Turkmani, uk
Brigitta Zics, uk

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