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LIFE magazine, The Incredible Year '68, Special Issue:
"The earth as seen from Apollo 8 in space, showing the outlines of North and South America"

The issue is a contradiction in itself, as if between writing the article and deciding for a cover image to represent the year 1968, an insight, a process of reconsideration took place.
The article itself is solely about the moon and the Apollo mission. The spectacular view, the new perspective upon earth is not mentioned at all; Yet the cover gives credit to that. As if a paradigm in mainstream media had slowly shifted ...

There has been a cover over 2 years earlier partially showing the earth published in August 1966. It was taken during the Gemini mission and titled: "Highest Photos Of Earth Taken By Man." It is not showing the whole earth but only a section though the curvature is visible.

We found this edition in a shop at Lower East Side or Bowery and the staff was legendarily unfriendly. LS got it for me as a gift. Thanks Lisa :)!

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