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The Jaquard Loom at the Henry Ford museum. Its in full use every day. Wonderful to see how obsolete technologies never really become obsolete and that there are passionate people who care for them. The instructor/craftswoman told us that they were using a great trick to create larger woven fabrics. The loom can only hold 640 (660?) cards. This is taken up by half of the pattern - when they are through and half of the item is woven, they let it run backwards (or similar). This creates the other half of the fabric/pattern which is why most fabrics usually are symmetrical (like people). If the fabric is asymmetrical or contains writing it takes more effort and two unique sets of cards are required.
(This loom was saved by a volunteer from the Ford Motor Company who went to France (on his own budget) where he learned how to care and repair the machine).

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