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Expanded Cinema
Gene Youngblood
Studio Vista, 1970
460 pages
SBN: 0289701139

This book is out of print, but a pdf is available from Woody Vasulka's extensive website 4.6 Mb.

Einführung von Buckminster Fuller: Ein aussergewöhnlicher Text mit dem Titel "Revolution in Wombland" ("Revolution in Gebärmutterland")

Buckminster Fuller's Unterscheidung zwischen Gehirn und Verstand:
"Gehirne sind physische Einheiten zum speichern und abrufen von speziellen Fällen von Erfahrungsdaten.
Nur der Verstand alleine kann jene allgemeinen wissenschaftlichen Prinzipien entdecken und anwenden die bei speziellen Fällen von Erfahrungsdaten als richtig gelten.

Part One: The Audience and the Myth of Entertainment

Radical Evolution and Future Shock in the Paleocybernetic Age
The Intermedia Network as Nature
Popular Culture and the Noosphere
Art, Entertainment and Entropy
Retrospective Man and the Human Condition
The Artist as Design Scientist

Part Two: Synaesthetic Cinema: The End of Drama

Global Closed Circuit: The Earth as Software
Synaesthetic Synthesis: Simultaneous Perception of Harmonic Opposites
Syncretism and Metamorphosis: Montage as Collage
Evocation and Exposition: Towards Oceanic Consciousness
Synaesthetics and Kinaesthetics: The Way of all Experience
Mythopoeia: The End of Fiction
Synaesthetics and Synergy
Synaesthetic Cinema and Polymorphous Eroticism
Synaesthetic Cinema and Extra-Objective Reality
Image-Exchange and the Post-Mass Audience Age

Part Three: Towards Cosmic Consciousness

2001: The New Nostalgia
The Stargate Corridor
The Cosmic Cinema by Jordan Belson

Part Four: Cybernetic Cinema and Computer Films

The Technosphere: Man/Machine Symbiosis
The Human Bio-Computer and His Electronic Brainchild
Hardware and Software
The Aesthetic Machine
Cybernetic Cinema
Computer Films

Part Five: Television as a Creative Medium

The Videosphere
Cathode-Ray Tube Videotronics
Synaesthetic Videotapes
Videographic Cinema
Closed-Circuit Television and Teledynamic Environments

Part Six: Intermedia

The Artist as Ecologist
World Expositions and Nonordinary Reality
Cerebrum: Intermedia and Human Sensorium
Intermedia Theatre
Multiple-Projection Environments

Part Seven: Holographic Cinema: A New World

Wave-Front Reconstruction: Lensless Photography
Dr. Alex Jacobson: Holography in Motion
Limitations of Holographic Cinema
The Kinoform: Computer-Generated Holographic Movies
Technoanarchy: The Open Empire


1966 The New York Times clipping of Brockman's statements regarding "expanding cinema" and (IKE) Intermedia Kinetic Environments:

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