"Plateau" My fifth semester i spend fiddling around with Cosmoworlds trying to find a Metaphor for the city.scope image archive.
It's a big mess after all those years of creating folders and subfolders that the menu of the Webarchive is a bit confusing.
The idea was to get a 3D Interface that would provide an overview over the complete content as well as an easy approach into the different archives.

The four geometrical objects stand for the different archives. The Plateau is a map of the center of Berlin, and the two red lines mark the two camera locations: One at Potsdamer Platz, the other one at Spreebogen. They function as the timeline as well, comeing out of nowhere - and vanishing into nowhere.


URL: http://www.digital.hdk-berlin.de/~mhohl/cityscope.html
Updated: June, 06.1998